NCLEX-PN Training

NCLEXPN training

LPN is licensed practical nurse so it means you have to be licensed to work as LPN. NCLEX-PN is an exam to get you licensed by the state where you plan to work. In order to be qualified to take this test, you must already be graduated from an LPN program. If you haven’t decided if becoming an LPN is the right fit or you are looking for programs, please check the pages above for much more information.

Because of the high stakes of the NCLEX-PN many students prefer to have supplemental tools both during their studies and in the weeks leading up to the exam. We have researched the tools available on the market and the absolute best tools we have discovered are over at NURSING.COM Here are three of our favorite resources:


They have FREE cheatsheets available:


They have FREE NCLEX Pop Quiz Exams available for mobile or desktop:

phone quiz

And, they have 2-, 4-, 6-, and 12-Week Study Plans Available

study plans


There are thousands of resources available online to assist you as you prepare for the NCLEX-PN. Youtube videos, PDF files, books, and, of course, the education you receive at your LPN program. But, if you would like a lot of amazing resources available in one place from a team who has helped thousands of students pass their exams, we recommend checking out some of the free resources at NURSING.

Always remember the three steps:

  1. Research that LPN is the profession for you
  2. Select an LPN Program
  3. Prepare for NCLEX-PN