LPN Training

Becoming a licensed practical nurse is basically the most basic form of nursing. Licensed practical nurses are responsible for a patient’s comfort, health, and safety in collaboration with other healthcare professionals. A licensed practical nurse can work in hospitals, nursing homes, and dentists’ offices, institutions for mental health, homes, community health clinics, and public health departments.

Licensed practical nurse training is offered in vocational schools, community colleges, and even online. To become one, you must first obtain a license to be able to practice. Once you complete the practical nurse program, you will be required to take and pass the NCLEX-PN exam.  Now most LPN schools do offer 10 month LPN program.

A licensed practical nurse training requirements depend on a state’s Board of Nursing. A training course involves both simple and complex medical procedures. A certificate in LPN involves the basic course in nursing, healthcare, medical law, and ethics.

Training in the classroom involves concepts in basic nursing and patient care-related subjects. Clinical training involves handling patient’s basic needs and procedures, basically the application process of what was learned inside the classroom.

In order to be a qualified licensed practical nurse, you must be naturally caring and sympathetic. Emotional stability is a must to avoid getting your personal emotions or attachment get in the way of your work. You are required to be supervised during work and you must be able to follow other health care professional’s orders effectively.

After the completion of the licensed practical nurse training program, you have to take and pass the National Commission License Exam-LN to receive a certificate and license to be able to start and practice as a licensed practical nurse.

Once you are an eligible practical nurse, you have the duties of observing patients, reporting any changes in the patient’s condition, administering medications prescribed by the physician, measuring and recording vital signs, and plan patient care. Job opportunities for licensed practical nurses are in demand. LPN employment in nursing care facilities has increased since there are a large number of aged and disabled people in need of care. A portion of this requires home care perfect for licensed practical nurses.