LPN nursing school in Illinois

A Look at the Basic Nursing Education Classes Available Through an LPN Nursing School

Looking for an LPN nursing degree? Illinois is certainly a good place to do your LPN Nursing School application. There are many accredited LPN Nursing programs in the state of Illinois. All of these LPN Nursing degree programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

A: The Salter School of Nursing and allied health, Concordia career colleges, business colleges, grand canyon university, Carrington college, radiology school, Va. great schools, pharmacy tech schools, pharmacy colleges, radiology colleges, and pharmacy tech colleges are some known LPN Nursing schools. An LPN nursing degree is only awarded to those who complete a nursing education program at an approved vocational-technical high school or any of the community colleges that have been approved by the State Board of Nursing. Then, upon successful completion of the nursing education program, the individual graduates with an associate degree. This associate degree enables the individual to pursue opportunities in different areas of nursing as well as in the field of dentistry.

Q: What is an LPN nursing assistant? A: An LPN is a certified nursing assistant who supervises and assists licensed practical nurses in a clinical setting. An LPN is not employed directly by the patients but instead is responsible for taking vital signs of the patients and preparing patients for their examination by administering shots, changing dressings, checking pulse and respiration, and other duties in a clinical setting. In fact, an LPN can be the direct support of the licensed practical nurse. Many patients prefer to have an LPN accompany them whenever they visit the dentist, as they trust that the LPN will be able to act professionally while the dentist is preparing the patient for their dental examination.

Q: Is an LPN necessary for practicing in the United States? A: An LPN is important for all licensed practical nurses because he or she is the connection between the licensed practical nurse and the patients. Practical nurses are required to have a licensed practical nurse license before they can practice in any state in the United States. Licensed practical nurses also must complete the NCLEX-RN (practical nurse) examination and pass it in order to be a licensed practical nurses. It is recommended that LPNs complete the RN training program offered by a national association for practical nurse education and certification.

Q: How much does it cost to become an LPN? A: The cost of getting your LPN degree depends on whether you choose to attend a school outside of your state, whether or not you choose to complete an online course or a traditional classroom course, and whether you opt for an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. You can expect to pay about two thousand dollars or more for an LPN degree from a local or state-funded institution.  Tuition in various LPN schools in Illinois ranges from $9000 to $20,000.  You may want to check into the suburbs of big cities for the best rate.

Q: What are the different nursing education classes available through an LPN program? A: There are four different levels of education classes you can attend in an LPN nursing program. Your first learning class is usually the foundation class where you get your training and general knowledge to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Your second learning class will consist of classroom instruction and clinical practice. Your third LPN education class will consist of both classroom instruction and clinical practice and your last class will be comprised of internship training, hands-on practice with real-life patients, and community clinical experience.

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