There is a great demand for healthcare professionals these days and there are not enough people who are inclined to be one because of several reasons. However, in recent years, there has been an improvement in the health care system because of the creation of licensed practical nurse jobs. If you are still looking for quickest 10 month LPN program make sure you click on the link.

LPN or licensed practical nurses are considered personal care providers who give more than what is required of them. Although they usually work under the supervision of a physician or registered nurses, they actually obtain more responsibilities as they become more proficient in their jobs. Licensed practical nurse jobs usually include duties such as taking the patients’ vitals, taking measurements such as height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, respiratory action, pulse, as well as giving sponge baths and alcohol rubs. They are also responsible for maintaining the hygiene of those patients who are temporarily incapacitated or paralyzed in order to prevent them from getting bedsores.

Practical nurses play a vital role in keeping the patients comfortable and hopeful of their impending recovery. They provide a friendly face so that the patients would feel more at home in a very stressful place like hospitals and clinics.

Some LPNs sometimes also administer medications and bring doctor’s instructions and prescriptions to family members of the patients. You may also find them in clinics and private practices as they assist physicians in scheduling appointments, facilitating documentation, and any other need that might arise in the daily processes.

When it comes to medical procedures, some LPNs are allowed to observe and assist in some of them such as delivering a baby, and caring for it afterward when it is transferred to the nursery. There are also licensed practical nurse jobs in nursing homes and assisted living facilities as there is a great demand for people who will assist the elderly in their daily activities and medical concerns. LPN job in Chicago for those of you thinking about moving to Chicago.

There are many opportunities for LPNs and if you are contemplating becoming one, you will be opened up to a new set of challenges as well as responsibilities that are vital in changing people’s lives and helping them to get better.

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