Find LPN Night Classes Near Me

LPN Classes

How to find LPN night classes near me

Three questions to ask:

Do I meet the pre-requisites?

Before taking LPN classes as part of a program, you will want to have graduated high school with a diploma and a GPA at or above 2.0 or have completed a GED.

What is my timeline?

LPN classes can take up to 2-years, although there are programs as short as 6 months.

What setting is ideal for me?

Does a full time classroom setting work best for you or would you like a hybrid program where you can complete coursework from home? You will need some practical experience. However many students working full time prefer to take night classes as part of a distance or hybrid program to minimize their time in the classroom.

Next, because there is a practical part of the classes, it is best to search by zip code to identify the programs near you that are best. Thankfully, there are thousands of programs that are available to prepare you to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Find a program that is ideal for your location, schedule, and preferences.

For more information about an LPN program, be sure to check out our resources:

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Congratulations! You are already well on your way to a rewarding lifestyle. By researching LPN classes near you, you have taken a crucial first step. It can feel overwhelming at first, but a quality LPN program can set you on the path to achieve your goals.


* Salary expectations comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and reflect averages based on location and experience.