6 month LPN Program

6 Month LPN Program vs | 10 month LPN program with respect to LPN Classes at night

LPN classes at night are provided to support prospective LPNs to study while obtaining other duties such as a full-time job or other life demands.  Daytime LPN classes are already hard to deal with so with LPN classes at night you must be focused and relentless in your pursuit of education and never give up.  Also, LPN classes at night can add 5 more months of condensed course work as vs to your usual timeline for LPN education.  Ask schools for your options to see if they provide LPN classes at night.

6 month LPN program is considered an accelerated LPN program.  Exams are usually required twice a week. In addition, you can’t miss any of their clinical classes.  If you prefer a more relaxed pace, consider taking normal 12 month LPN classes as the accelerated programs will require all of your waking hours.

A medical field such as LPN is a rewarding career for the right individual.  Healthcare in general is a very good career to be in only because it seems we are always in shortage of healthcare professionals.  LPN requires you to care about your patient and support them where possible.

Licensed Practical Nurse is a very amazing place to start your nursing career only because LPN does not have to deal with much physical exertion at work like Nursing Aid and does not have as many responsibilities as an RN.

Who can take LPN classes at night?

Basically, anybody can register and take LPN classes at night but before you do you want to make sure you will have the energy and determination to go to the end. Otherwise, you may lose money and time.

If 6 month LPN program is not suitable for your study needs you may want to investigate LPN night classes.   You will need support from your family and friends to pull through.  The whole time you are in LPN classes at night you will want to only see the outcome of your decision and in only xx days they will be over and you will get the training as well as education to become LPN.

Not all classes can be taken at night.  Hands-on education requires you to be in person with training under a registered nurse to learn more about how to handle patients and other important factors of an LPN that can’t be learned via textbook.  You may take these classes in the hospital setting.

Being a Licensed Practical nurse you’ll have to take an examination every year to recertify and after you receive your diploma from an accredited LPN school you will need to take and pass NCLEX-PN before you are allowed to work.

Be certain to request information from more than 1 community/school so as to compare which program is most suitable for you. Most programs can be finished in 12 months, allowing students to rapidly complete education and start a new career. Before it’s possible to enter an accelerated LPN regimen, you will have to complete criminal background and wellness checks. There are a number of LPN programs to pick from every state. Also, it’s wise to check with your state and make sure the LPN Programs of your choice are accredited.

6 Month LPN Program Topics You Want To Know

6 month LPN program is created for those very ambitious LPN’s.   All that you have to do during this 6 month period is to study, take exams, eat and sleep.  You will not be able to have normal interaction with family even.  Once you find a school of your choice you can put in an application to be accepted by that school the sooner is the better.

Six month LPN program is designed to accommodate those highly ambitious LPN students to take and pass NCLEX-PN in less than a year and it is not for the faint of heart.  You may have to take exams twice in any given week.  This program required you to focus 100 percent to take and pass all the tests.

It is highly recommended to nursing students take a six-month LPN program because this can help them to be proficient in nursing and the medical field the fastest.

However, it is important to know that there are some differences in these programs and there are different requirements that are being fulfilled when taking up this course.

Some people may find it difficult to get into this course because it is difficult to get into the nursing schools that offer these programs. There are many factors that determine the acceptance of an applicant when applying for the LPN or RN course. These include the GPA of the candidate, the number of years of education, the previous experiences, and the academic record.  The hands-on aspect of this program may require you to provide experience in the patient’s examination and some other technical details given by an RN.

How to find an accredited technical school that offers an online six-month LPN Program?

Admin note:  When you use the below search feature our website earns small fees from these LPN schools.  Understand there will be more than one schools near the zip code of your choice who will submit their schools information to you.

Here are questions you may want to ask them:

1- Are they going to help you pass NCLEX-PN exam? How many students took the test and how many passed last year?

2- Do they have LPN online classes? If yes do they allow you to take clinical test from the hospital/clinics near you?

3- How many graduate last year?

4- Is their school accredited?

5- Do they require you to take TEAS exam.  TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills.  This is an entry exam to their LPN schools.


If you’re interested in learning about the steps necessary to develop into an LPN, then please read all the way to the end of this article.

6 month lpn programFor people who wish to study LPN medical field but lack the financial method to enroll in an LPN application, you can look for financial aid in nursing schools that provide scholarships and grants.

Another way to enter LPN profession if you are already CNA then you can turn some of your credits as CNA into your LPN classes. Please call and make sure the school accepts your enrollment.

Being an LPN is among the best achievements on the planet. LPN is an accredited practical nurse and as a certified nurse, you need to be accredited by your state to get the job done. Learn more about the reach of the salary it’s possible to make while employed as an LPN. It is necessary in order to have a good LPN to learn first the fundamental lessons you require to have the ability to survive in real life.

The great thing about nursing is there are such a wide variety of avenues you can pursue when you have earned your license and finally develop into a nurse. Nursing is quite a wide field with different degree levels, so it’s important to determine what kind of work you’re interested in doing and what the minimal requirements are.  Nursing is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the USA. There are a number of ways in vocational nursing about how to take care of racism in nursing. There is a wide assortment of methods in vocational nursing on the best method to care for racism in nursing.

You will need GED to enter LPN schools.  In some schools, you may also be required to take the TEAS exam to be qualified.  After you’ve graduated from your respective LPN schools you will then take your state exam NCLEX-PN to get ready to be employed and work in the United States.


10 Month LPN Program

Each LPN school for 10 month LPN program may have a different class schedule.  You can expect to see some of them may start their classes between 7 am to 3 pm.  You may want to think about taking LPN classes at night.  If you are taking classes at night the time is depended on the school of your choice.  Please note that in order to take classes at night you may have to add 5 more months to your “regular” LPN program.

10 month LPN program is extremely fast-paced. Still, 10 months is not as bad as 6 month LPN Program. Even so, many students are struggled with staying together with their coursework, and the instructors strongly urge you not to work during the school season. I would agree with them. Your awakening moments will involve school, school, more faculty.

I think that to succeed in a 10-month program, you must be really organized, dedicated, and able to prioritize assignments.

And perhaps be a little bit crazy.

If you opt for 10 month LPN Program, I would not say the information is “difficult” it is just a new method of thinking, a new frame of mind so to speak. And it is more time-consuming than anything else. But yes, they throw a LOT of information at you in a short period of time. Normally you’ve got four classes the semester, and four tests each week. (One in each class) so that you may go through a chapter a week.

Let’s not forget about clinical studies which are two days a week, and students generally have these 4 tests a week. However, if you work part-time you can feel like you never have a break. It is feasible and obviously, the tests are catchy, if nursing was easy, everybody could do it. Some folks can, and a few people can not. But if you would like it badly enough you can do it and you need to do it!

Finishing a 10-month program can be hard and there is no way to warn you. After a while, the “IT’S GONNA BE FREAKING HARD” opinions only run together.

Do not get the job. Have plenty of support. Be prepared to devote all your spare time studying. Tell your friends you’ll see them within a year.

So in summary …

If you:

  • – are focused and study hard

Then try it!

Additionally, there is nothing wrong with picking the books up early and getting familiar with the stuff. Together with the luxury of time on your side, you’ll be able to read up ahead and find out what you may require extra time on, then be honing your study techniques and getting a jump on pharmacology, nursing mathematics, anatomy, etc. For more study aids, consider our free resources.



Here are some real-life people who take LPN classes at night.  https://allnurses.com/anyone-work-full-time-day-t266372/


Questions to ask your chosen LPN schools

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(Question) Do they have been other accelerated or bridge programs in addition to LPN?

(Question) How many people actually have passed NCLEX-PN in the last five years?

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Alternative Programs

If you don’t have the time to pursue a LPN program and you really want to enter the medical industry, one option might be to look at CNA classes. There are a lot of resources available, regardless of which path you choose.