10 Month LPN Program consists of ...

Pre Clinical Phase Courses (16 credits)

Cumulative GPA of 2.5

Clinical Phase Courses(32 credits)

Is It Possible To Become LPN in 10 months?

Yes It is. Most LPN schools now may have dropped their usual 12 months LPN program in favor of 10 months. Courses will be fast and furious. Some other LPN schools may offer 16 weeks program. You have to ask the administrative from the school of your choice to make sure you can finish LPN school in those designate length. Scroll down to request the listing of all LPN schools nearest you.


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Choosing a profession is one of the hardest decisions any individual will have to do in a lifetime. There are just so many options to choose from and it does not help that the economy is still going up in flames with no signs of recovery whatsoever. The hard task of settling for a career is coupled with the ever so present self doubt that hounds every young person who is about to become part of the cruel but very promising real world.

The medical profession has been and always will be a pillar of good will and dedicated service to mankind. It is also where one can find a myriad of fields that are both interesting and financially rewarding. However, it is always prudent to choose a job in which you are sure to become successful based on your inherent capabilities and personal attributes.

One of the most promising professions in the medical field is being a licensed practical nurse. In recent years, it has become apparent that there is much need for more health care providers not only in hospitals but also in private practices and even in institutions such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities. A licensed practical nurse definitely needed in so many places and there are a myriad of responsibilities than one has to fulfill.

So how will you know that you are cut out to be a great licensed practical nurse?

If you are seriously considering becoming an LPN you might as well know as early as now that brains are not enough to make a good health care provider. You will need excellent people skills as well as top notch understanding of patient-nurse relationship. You are to be of assistance to people who are not exactly having the best days of their lives which means that they can be irritable, grumpy, and upset most of the time and the only way you can help them is if you understand what they are going through and make them feel that they are not alone.

In case you are wondering, there is career growth in practical nursing but you will have to gain a lot of experience and attend more classes in order to become more equipped and knowledgeable on medical processes.

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